1. Maciamo

    Health Maps of alcohol consumption per capita in Europe

    I have expanded the Food & Drink Maps section. I made a map of overall alcohol consumption per capita with the 2010 data from the WHO. At that time Slavic people drank the most. I made a new map with data from 2016 and the trend changed somewhat. Many Slavic countries reduced their...
  2. Jovialis

    Heavy alcohol consumption (Thompson, 2020)

    Functional validity, role, and implications of heavy alcohol consumption genetic loci Abstract High alcohol consumption is a risk factor for morbidity and mortality, yet few genetic loci have been robustly associated with alcohol intake. Here, we use U.K. Biobank (n = 125,249) and GERA (n =...
  3. Jovialis

    Hep C compounds alcoholism's effect on brain volume

    (HealthDay)—Alcohol dependence has deleterious effects on frontal cortical volumes that are compounded by hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and drug dependence, according to a study published online March 14 in JAMA Psychiatry. Edith V. Sullivan, Ph.D., from the Stanford University School of...
  4. Jovialis

    Alcohol dampens brain waves associated with decision-making but not motor control

    We all know that alcohol impairs our judgement, alertness and performance on tasks requiring attention, but the mechanism behind booze's effect on cognition still isn't well-understood. Now, a new study led by psychologists at San Diego State University sheds light on the question of why people...
  5. Jovialis

    Genetic study suggests humans may be evolving in a way that prevents alcoholism

    Humans are, of course, still evolving, which suggests studies looking into the ways we are evolving might be important. In this new effort, Johnson and Voight analyzed genetic data from the over 2,500 people whose DNA ended was used in the 1000 Genomes Project. More specifically, they looked for...
  6. Jovialis

    Alcohol Damages DNA

    According to a new study, consuming alcohol has been attributed to seven types of cancer. Moreover, it can cause mutations in stem cells, and damage chromosomes. When we consume alcohol, the body produces a chemical known as acetaldehyde, which causes genetic damage. Acetaldehyde is specifically...
  7. W

    Causes of group violence in British males ?

    There are several related ideas going around in my head, and so the title is only partially accurate - I am curious as to what scientific reasons there could be for the abundance of violent behaviour amongst British males (And a smaller percentage of females more recently) in public situations...
  8. LeBrok

    Alcohol Dependency in Europe goes up with increased ANE admixture.

    Alcohol (ethanol) is a very potent mind altering substance, and has very addictive properties. Therefore, the question is, why some populations cope well with alcohol, which is a normal part of their culture, when others have rampant problem with alcoholism and considers alcohol as biggest...