1. W

    AncestryDNA Free Alzheimer's disease risk report from Xcode Life

    I used my DNA raw data to get a free Alzheimer's disease risk report. I seem to have a APOE variant that protects me from AD. I guess my specialist will be able to tell me more. Yet I think this much better that spending $160 just for 1 gene reports. If this turns out to be useful, as I will get...
  2. Jovialis

    Lack of sleep boosts levels of Alzheimer's proteins

    That's a large portion of the population with sleeping problems. Chronic lack of sleep has been linked to an increase risk of Alzheimer's disease. Some of those issues affecting them can be treated though, like sleep apnea. Other's may have stress-related sleeping complications. Other issues may...
  3. LeBrok

    Alzheimer drug regrows pearly whites!

    No more fillings: Drug given to treat Alzheimer’s patients also helps repair cavities, regrow teeth Fillings could be consigned to history after scientists found that a drug given to Alzheimer’s patients can help teeth regrow and repair cavities. Researchers at King’s College London found that...