1. T

    Hurro-Urartian as a sister to Indo-European

    Hurro-Urartian (HU) is a now extinct language family that was spoken in the Bronze Age/Iron Age Near East that consisted of two distinct languages: Hurrian and Urartian. Some compelling evidence has linked a third language, Kassite, to the HU family, but this relationship is uncertain...
  2. T

    Nerkin and Verin Naver--Indo-European EMBA Burial Complexes in Armenia

    Nerkin and Verin Naver, meaning lower and upper graves, respectively, are two burial complexes located just outside of Ashtarak, Armenia, a short distance north of the capital city of Yerevan. These complexes date to the end of the Early Bronze Age to the Middle Bronze Age, specifically from...
  3. T

    Could Armenians have been in Armi/Armani

    Hi, long-time lurker but this is my first post on Eupedia. I hope that it is okay for me to post in this forum (I couldn't create a new thread in Anthropology & Ethnography, but I looked at some of the posts in this forum and it seemed like it could be appropriate for me to post here instead)...
  4. Petros Agapetos

    Should Armenia be considered Middle East? Poll!

    Should Armenia be considered Middle East? Poll! Armenia has historic ties to the Persian, Roman, and Greek empires. Armenia has cultural similarities to other Caucasus nations, such as Georgians and Azeris. Armenians resemble other Caucasus people, such as Georgians and Azeris. Armenia is a...
  5. Petros Agapetos

    The Armenian Language Here I am speaking Armenian. What languages does it sound like?
  6. Petros Agapetos

    What language does Armenian sound like? Here I am speaking Armenian. What languages does it sound like?
  7. Petros Agapetos

    What ethnicity do I look like? Where can I pass in Eurasia? Multiple Choice Poll.

  8. Petros Agapetos

    Genetic Test for Armenians?

    Hi, I am Petros, and I am Armenian. Which genetic test would you recommend I take: Dodecad, Eurogenese, etc. Should I test my Y-DNA as well. What information does the test give you? Are the most expensive tests necessarily better? What price range should I expect the test to cost me?
  9. Maciamo

    The Indo-European migrations to Armenia

    Eastern Anatolia has played a major role in the development of the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age. It is also one of the most complex region for population geneticists to disentangle due to its high level of genetic diversity. In this thread I would like to propose an answer...
  10. Atropat

    Which DNA testing company?

    Hello everyone, I'm a new member and I'm interested in learning more about both my paternal and maternal ancestry. I'm an Azerbaijani from Northwestern Iran (which borders the South Caucasus region = Armenia, Azerbaijan & Georgia). As far as I have heard in family discussions, it is probable...
  11. A. Tamar Chabadi

    Neolithic patrilineal signals, repopulation, and the Armenian Plateau

    Neolithic patrilineal signals indicate that the Armenian plateau was repopulated by agriculturalists Kristian J Herrera, Robert K Lowery, Laura Hadden, Silvia Calderon, Carolina Chiou, Levon Yepiskoposyan, Maria Regueiro, Peter A Underhill and Rene J Herrera Abstract Armenia, situated...