1. Jovialis

    Art that symbolizes your heritage

  2. Jovialis

    Art May Have Helped Shape Human Cognition and Language

    BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—According to a report in The Boston Globe, linguist Shigeru Miyagawa of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his colleagues think that cave art could offer clues to the evolution of language. Ancient paintings are often found in acoustic “hot spots” in caves, where...
  3. Zvrk9

    Ivan Mestrovic DNA?

    Ivan Mestrovic is the famous Croatian sculptor whose art is still displayed in some prominent locations in America, Croatia, and Serbia. His talent maybe related to his DNA. What do we know, if anything, about his autosomal or Y-DNA?
  4. S

    Strasbourg International Film Festival

    Looking for something to do during your stay in Strasbourg? Wanna get involed? Check out or volunteer at the Strasbourg International Film Festival! The Strasbourg International Film Festival is a 10 day fest from August 28th to September 6th focusing on the works of new and emerging directors...