1. Anfänger

    Southern Ancestry in "Steppe"

    We know from various studies that Yamnaya/Corded ware and Eneolithic Steppe(Progress/Vonyuchka) have a significant amount of southern ancestry, right now called CHG or CHG/Iran but we still don't know where it is exactly from. There are many suggestions, I try to summarize the two main...
  2. Archetype0ne

    Current J2b2-L283 Evidence + A speculative Theory

    ( *Potential new samples I drew on top of the source. Mokrin sample is official...
  3. T

    How CHG did look like?

    I've seen reconstructions about WHG, yamnayas, ANE, neolithic farmers, etc but I haven't see yet a reconstruction of the CHG
  4. O

    Brachycephaly..zation of the Steppe by 4500BC.

    There is new paper out on Nature from Ron Pinhasi group. So, the part that is new and relevant in my opinion is essentially that it states that Mesolithic steppe populations (or Ukraine for that matter) were not Brachychephalic but Typolie and...