1. Maciamo

    Ranking of French actors and actresses by net worth (from $10m to $250m)

    After the ranking of British, Irish, Australian & NZ actors, here is the list of the wealthiest French actors and actresses. This ranking also doesn't include deceased actors. As the golden age of French cinema was mostly from the 1960s to the 1980s, many of the greatest French actors are...
  2. Maciamo

    Spielberg's Tintin

    Last night was the world premiere of The Adventures of Tintin in 3D in Brussels (Tintin's hometown). The film will be released in many European countries on 26 October, but only on 21 December in the US (a marketing strategy, Xmas being so important on the other side of the Atlantic). The film...
  3. edao

    What are your favourite French films?

    What are your top 5 French Films of all time....:thinking: