1. M

    Haplogroup K & agriculture,0 Look at this map, in Turkey the blue skeletons, that represent the Early Holocene samples. The majority are G2 Y-haplogroups, with a significant minority of C-V20 among the ancient populations of early...
  2. M

    Out of Africa overhyped

    The most basic teaching we all receive in the school/high school about human prehistory is the fact that the human species comes from Africa. Everything is centered in Africa since the split from the last common ancestor with chimpanzees. As it seemed that it took us until 50000 years ago to...
  3. M

    Civilization is good for survival

    We know that civilization is the key aspect of humanity. But, do we?You see, I've noticed that civilization and all the conventions, customs... it comprises; is the only way that humanity has set for humanity, even to the smallest detail. Particularly I want to show you how essential is for the...
  4. M

    Civilizations succeed screwed?

    If we look anywhere around and if we check history books, we realize that humanity's history is the one of progress toward civilization. However, if we look at history in a more cyclical way(which is not to say that history is necessarily cyclical instead of linear), we see that civilization is...
  5. 6

    New world-Old world timelines

    So I've read this comparison on another website:smile:: >europeans >from aurignacian proto-gravettian to solutrean:10000 years (30000BC-20000BC) >from aurignacian-antelian to start of crop development: 9000 years(30000BC-21000BC) >from start of crop development to neolithic revolution: 10500...
  6. R

    Did civilization emerge from gene-culture co-evolution beginning with Agriculture?

    The ancient West Eurasian populations of the Fertile Crescent were the first to invent/discover agriculture (Levant Natufians, Zagros Iranians, Anatolians). They homogenized around the Bronze Age and then spread across West Eurasia, with farmers from Anatolia spread westward into Europe; farmers...
  7. Maciamo

    Indo-European migrations scenario for Civilization 4 (Bts)

    NB: The first post has been updated to take into account new versions of the mod and scenario. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have created two scenarios for the PC game Civilization IV (Beyond the Sword version) in which I attempt to...
  8. Maciamo

    Have you played Sid Meier's Civilization?

    Civilization is one of the most famous and popular video games of all times. First released in 1991, it has influenced at least two generations of strategy and war game enthusiasts, but also of practically anybody interested in history and technologies. Civilization 6 was released a few months...
  9. I

    Samuel P. Huntington - The Clash of Civilizations

    Huntington in his theory specifies that the era of ideologies and conflicts between has ended now the rivalry is between the civilizations. According to him the main conflicts in the future will occur because of the differences between the cultures. Especially after the cold-war the importance...
  10. LeBrok

    Civilization is a function of population density.

    I was contemplating a reason behind why hunter-gatherer societies never amounted to civilization status. it never happened although their cultures existed for few hundred thousand years. Civilization was the feat which was quickly achieved by agriculturalists within few thousands of years of...
  11. LeBrok

    Rise and fall of civilizations due to climate change.

    Here is a map of temperature in Europe for last 2,000 years. This map shows that height of Roman Empire happened in a very warm period. The decline...
  12. Maciamo

    37 mtDNA sequences from Minoan Crete

    Just released: A European population in Minoan Bronze Age Crete, by Hughey et al. Abstract The first advanced Bronze Age civilization of Europe was established by the Minoans about 5,000 years before present. Since Sir Arthur Evans exposed the Minoan civic centre of Knossos, archaeologists...
  13. L

    Is Latin America Western?

    Is Latin America Western? Emily Monroy While surfing the Net recently, I came across a website that posed an interesting question: is Latin America Western or non-Western? Though the site did not give a definite “yes” or “no” to the question, it discussed some of the reasons why people might...
  14. L

    Immigration Roman Catholic bishop stabbed to death in Turkey