1. mbw1986

    Fall of the Western Roman Empire

    This is an informed opinion question. Why, in your view, did the Western Roman Empire collapse? (3 main reasons) For me, it was primarily: 1)over-reliance on auxiliary troops to defend an enormous frontier 2)loss of key grain-growing regions/ports to invaders 3)lack of political will for...
  2. Maciamo

    Longest lived empires/states in history

    Many lists have been written about the most long-lived empires or states in the history of mankind and oddly enough nobody seems to agree on the ranking. That is because it depends how one counts. For example: a) Shall we consider only empires or also kingdoms and republics ? The longest-lived...
  3. edao

    Politics German Empire

    Has the EU turned into Germany's Empire? The Greek bailout is has highlighted the loss of sovereinty of member states and how much Germany is having a say in how various countries are being run. With talk of a more centralised fiscal policy are we seeing the final steps toward Germany's power...