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    GEDMatch Greek Gedmatch kits(Post yours too!)

    A436581 - Macedonian Greek A128684 - Μacedonian Greek M937243 - Macedonian Greek A987490 - Macedonian Greek H177149 - Macedonian Greek A813004 - Macedonian Greke A952122 - Macedonian GreeK A464069 - Μacedonian Greek A579573 - Μacedonian Greek H285783 - Macedonian Greek M284497 - Macedonian...
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    Eurogenes Why are the Central Anatolians the closest to the Greeks among the Anatolia Turks?

    I was playing around with the g25 and found out something quite interesting. It's quite shocking to me that, despite their geographical proximity and historical connection, Western Anatolians are farther away from the Greeks than Central Anatolians.
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    German / Bulgaria J-FTC79873 Who are we?

    Hello, my FTDNA Y DNA kit # is 369210, and Haplogroup # is J-FTC79873. I have been on FTDNA for years with no Y-DNA matches but one my brother. Bought the Big Y over a year ago with no matches. My biological surname is Engelhorn with solid paper trail in Germany back to the early 1500's. Rumor...