guess ethnicity

  1. S

    Guess my mom's ethnicity

  2. R

    Classify me

    Hi, I’m new to this forum. Please classify me. I can share my DNA results afterwards. Thanks.
  3. Archetype0ne

    Guess this mans Ethnicity (Hard one)

    Will be surprised if anyone gets this one :)
  4. Archetype0ne

    Guess his ethnicity

    He is a quite successful chef, some of you might even know him; if you do, don't spoil it.
  5. N

    Can you guess my ethnicity by picture?

    Greetings to everyone. Since i don't have acces to any dna testing company, could you please help me estimate my ethnicity or haplogroup? Thanks in advance, file:///C:/Users/ASUS/Pictures/Camera%20Roll/WIN_20181210_20_12_50_Pro.jpg
  6. B

    Guess ethnicity

    What ethnicity do i look like ? Im ethnically from kosovo but what nationality do i look like to you ?