haplogroup h

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    Is R0 from Europe and HV from the Middle East

    Looking at ancient samples in MTree I saw that haplogroup R0(basal to HV) only appears in Scottland and Egypt. The funny thing is that on the other hand we don't see HV in Europe until the German Neolithic, but we see them for the first time in Tell Halula(Syria) and Ganj Dareh(Iran)...
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    Where does H4 originate from?
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    Basques & H Haplogroup

    I want to bring yet again the topic of Basque particularism. This is by no means a new topic, it is well known in a good chunk of fields like historiography, linguistics... Lets start with Basques being linguistically isolated with the rest of Europe. Speaking a language that doesn't come...
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    Haplogroup H is NOT Native to Europe?

    I've always read in this site mt Haplogroup H is native to Paleolithic Europe. But looking the Hp frequencies of ancient samples gives a totally different perspective. https://www.eupedia.com/europe/ancient_european_dna.shtml Here you can see H is non existent in Mesolithic Europe, only exists...