haplogroup t

  1. ConfusedCelt

    I have T1a2b1a, am I descended from Carthaginians/Phonecians?

    All the rest of my ancestry was Celtic and Saxon/Scandinavian. But I had a tiny sliver of DNA titled "Balari" and I looked it up and they were a Nuragic people. And my YDNA is Haplogroup T1a2... My father is from the Netherlands and my mother is from Ireland. Where did this come from? Did it...
  2. H

    Haplogroup T-Y3781

    Hello. I was born in Iran and my grandfather and ancestors are from the caucasus.I recently got my y dna test results and I am confirmed for T-Y3781. Does any one have any information about this branch of HG T ? Thank you
  3. Maciamo

    Updated page and tree on Y-haplogroup T

    I have created two phylogenetic trees for haplogroup T and T-CTS2214. I have also updated the history section. The P77 and CTS6507 branch underwent a major expansion during the Early Bronze Age, from approximately 2500 BCE. The phylogeny suggests that this expansion took place from the...
  4. Maciamo

    Correlating the mtDNA haplogroups of the original Y-haplogroup J1 and T1 herders

    A recent paper on Madagascar Y-DNA and mtDNA made me realise that Y-haplogroups J1 and T1 probably both spread from the northern Zagros after having become nomadic herders during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. Both haplogroups are usually found together in Europe, in the Arabian peninsula, Egypt...
  5. Maciamo

    Distribution of haplogroup T in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    The new paper by Boattini et al. is the first Italy-wide study to report haplogroup T separately from K (along with Brisighelli et al. 2012, which reported it as K2). It therefore provides valuable insight into this little studied haplogroup. The sample sizes for each province tested is...