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    Question How does one determine the Y-dna haplogroup for an individual?

    Here is the Y-SNP calls for Barcin 31 https://genetiker.wordpress.com/y-snp-calls-for-barcin-31/. According to the link, Barcin 31 is positive for A00-FGC27424/YP3511, A00-M8129, A0-T-YP1873, B-M8633-M182-M150-M6473, G-P287-P15-L1259-L30-CTS1180/PF3259/M3244, IJK-PF3500/M2696, J-PF4513...
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    Question How does a new Y-dna haplogroup appeared?

    Newbie here. How does a new Y-dna haplogroup generated? For example like how does Y-dna A become Y-dna B and so on? Clarifications, please.
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    Question Could it be possible for members from different species like cats and dogs to share the same haplogroup?

    Recently thought of this wild hypothesis: although the cats(feline) and dogs(canine) we see today are two totally different species, there actually existed a common ancestor which both felines and canines descended from known as the Miacidae, or the Miacis, a small, weasel-like insect-eating...