1. LeBrok

    What We Inherited From Hunter Gatherers. (The genetic memory of the past).

    Did you ever asked yourself a question, why people behave in certain ways? Why it is so easy for boys to start a fight, or pretend they are knights or modern soldiers, and as a teenager volunteer for wars? Why there are generational conflicts? Why kids prefer breaks over classes? Why women...
  2. Maciamo

    Can acquired traits and aptitudes be inherited through epigenetics ?

    The idea may have sounded ridiculous to many scientists not so long ago. After all, when are born our brain is supposedly a blank slate. DNA only constitutes the body's building blocks, and the principles of Darwinian evolution states that any new mutation arises fortuitously. In contrast...
  3. Maciamo

    How many children do we need to be sure to pass on all our DNA ?

    We only pass on half of our genomes to each of our children. Yet it would be wrong to believe that we could pass 100% of our genes simply by having two kids. It is obvious that the second child will never inherit exactly the other half from the first kid. If they did, they wouldn't even be full...