1. Dema

    J2b1-M205 introduced to Eupedia

    I dont know have most of you noticed, but there has been new J2b1 text added to Eupedia and J2b1 has been more properly introduced on Eupedia. It would be nice if we would focus on J2b1 in this thread regarding j2b1 and his development on Eupedia but also outside it. So all constructive...
  2. Maciamo

    J2b as an IE lineages of the ancient Illyrians & Mycenaeans

    The new paper on the Genomic History of Southeastern Europe by Mathieson et al. identified the first ancient J2b2 sample in Europe. This sample was found in Middle Bronze Age southern Croatia, at Veliki Vanik and dates from 1700-1500 BCE. It has been proposed by archeologists that the...
  3. Frontier1768

    Haplogroup J2b-M205

    I promised that I would open thread about haplogroup J2b-M205. Few friends (Y-DNA cousins) and I tried to found more about this mysterious lineage, especially about "Balkanic branch". We investigate this haplogroup from 2013. and I think that we know a little bit more about this haplogroup...
  4. Maciamo

    New map of Y-haplogroup J2b1 (M205)

    I already made a map of J2b three years ago. Upon someone's request I have created this map of J2b1 based on the available data. Unfortunately there is very little data at the moment for J2b1 outside the Balkans and some parts of Italy. Most areas in grey actually have no data rather than <0.5%...
  5. Evilixir

    Messapian peoples : Possible Illyrian-E-V13 connection ?

    Hello to all! First of all i'm new to this forum, but only in terms of creating an account, cause i follow it from a long time. And this is my very first post here. :satisfied: I was reading about the tribes inhabiting in Italy before the Roman expansion. The Messapians were a group which...
  6. Maciamo

    New map of haplogroup J2b (M102)

    After E-V13 it was only natural that I should follow with the map of J2b, the other major South Balkanic lineage with Neolithic ties. The distribution is actually quite similar to E-V13, apart from a lower incidence in Slavic countries, but that may just be because E-V13 is found at a ratio of...
  7. Maciamo

    Distribution of J2 subclades in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    Here is the breakdown of J2 subclades by province based on the recent study by Boattini et al.. North Italy In Cuneo, south-west Piedmont, 2 out of 30 samples are J2 (6.5%), both J2a*. In Savona/Genova, central Liguria, 7 out of 50 samples are J2 (14%), among which three J2a*, two J2a2-M67...