1. Maciamo

    Selection of my most popular forum topics

    Genetics Percentage of genetic similarity between humans and animals Genetic inheritance: why people can be closer to one parent than the other genetically How adventurers, outcasts and remainers shape the evolution of society Are humans genetically programmed to live in hierarchical...
  2. Dini Malaj

    E-L117 Haplogroup info

    Hi I recently received my y-dna results and it seems that I am part of the E-L117 haplogroup. I read online that this haplogroup shows jewish ancestry. At the same time I see matches with different haplogroup names. I have exact matches with E-V13 people and E-M35 and others. And I know that...
  3. L

    An important request to the admin (ie Maciamo).

    Maciamo, I would like to get my forum account totally cancelled and my personal data erased from your servers within the next 24 hours if it's possible please, as well as an inactive account called lynx2 that I created with the only purpose of posting this petition. I have already erased all...