1. M

    Women(alone) settled in Orkney in the Early Bronze Age

    https://www.heritagedaily.com/2022/02/bronze-age-women-altered-genetic-landscape-of-orkney/142705?amp A new study has found something unbelievable. That in the Early Bronze Age, instead of the male dominated invasion of Europe that we all here know. It was women the ones that were brought to...
  2. Maciamo

    Revised and improved prehistoric migration maps

    I have updated, corrected and improved most of the Neolithic and Bronze Age migrations maps. This includes adding new cultures, including minor ones, refining the boundaries, reworking the colours, and updating the haplogroup estimations for each culture. I have also split the map for the period...
  3. Aha

    Maps of Europe’s ancient tribes and Y-DNA. Legit?

    These are "Maps of Europe’s ancient tribes, kingdoms and Y-DNA" around 7000 BC, 2000 BC, 117 AD and 1227 AD by Sandra Rimmer from this page http://www.abroadintheyard.com/maps-of-europes-ancient-tribes-kingdoms-and-y-dna/ Relief Artist: Kenneth Townsend How legit and accurate they are? Who is...