1. Maciamo

    5 reasons France is so backwards compared to its neighbours

    As everyone knows France sucks. It's a horrible country that nobody wants to visit except for 90 million tourists per year. :kidding: And of course people from neighbouring countries know that well and try to avoid setting foot in France if they can help it. For example official statistics show...
  2. LeBrok

    Robots are destroying cashflow in economy.

    Destruction of cashflow in society, its consequence and solutions. Introduction: The main function of money is to serve as product substitute to ease commercial transactions, also as storage of wealth, and reward for work, as salary. We don’t want to be paid in what we produce, in wheat...
  3. J

    More money. Luxembourg or Switzerland.

    Where do you generally make more money. Luxembourg or Switzerland? Several sites mention Luxembourg as the 2nd richest country in the world with the 2nd highest GDP per capita. But if you check
  4. LeBrok

    Society Who is most generous in Europe?

    CAF, Charities Aid Foundation issued 5th annual report about generosity of nations. I wasn't able to post the whole ranking table, so I made a short list. Here is a full report: Countries are judged according to 3 criterias...