mtdna h5

  1. G

    L3D3 or H5

    Hi, I participated in a mtDNA study and my results are L3D3 or H5,with the explanation that, given the fact that I am Romanian, H5 is the haplogroup that characterises me (H5 being dominant in Romania), but also, given my mutations, I can be situated in L3D3 haplogroup. What does this means...
  2. Maciamo

    New map of mtDNA haplogroup H5

    Haplogroup H5 is thought to have originated around 12,000 years ago in West Asia, probably around the Fertile Crescent. It was found in four individuals of from the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B site of Tell Halula in Syria, dating from circa 6800 BCE. It was also found in Neolithic Germany, Minoan...