mtdna k

  1. M

    Haplogroup K & agriculture,0 Look at this map, in Turkey the blue skeletons, that represent the Early Holocene samples. The majority are G2 Y-haplogroups, with a significant minority of C-V20 among the ancient populations of early...
  2. A

    K1c mt-DNA haplogroup

    Hi everyone, I have made nt mt-DNA test and found I am part of the k1c I have searched on internet and read also articles, and could not find may infos. I know that is very old, about 15000 years ago, near Caucasus. Who's part if my tribe?
  3. Maciamo

    One third to half of Ashkenazi Jews belong to mt-haplogroup K

    A new paper by Costa et al. analysed in detail the deep mitochondrial subclades of the Jewish population and compared them with European and Near Eastern sequences. Their conclusion is that over 80% of Jewish maternal lineages may be of European origin, and only 8.3% of clear Near Eastern...