1. M

    [Turkish] Could someone Intepretate my Mother Results and mine? Myheritage

    My Mother Greek & South Italy = 43.1 West Asia = 42.6 Central Asia = 10.3 Ashkenazi Jewish = 2.3 Iberia = 0.9 China & Vietnam = 0.8 And Mine West Asia = 46.5 Central Asia = 8.6 Greek & South Italy = 44.1 Middle east = 0.8
  2. L

    GEDMatch Greek GEDMATCH results (ancestry from multiple greek regions )

    Using MyHeritage raw dna data. He also got his G25 coordinates. And his Y-DNA prediction from Morley Y-DNA predictor too.Though before I post it here I need someone who knows the program well to help me reconfirm it because I ran into some errors and I don't know if the final result is correct...
  3. Maciamo

    MyHeritageDNA Share your MyHeritage DNA Ethnicity Estimates

    In 2017 I started a thread encouraging users to share their 23andMe Ancestry Composition to get a better idea of what each admixture corresponds to. This resulted in the making of distribution maps for each European admixture. I would now like to do the same for MyHeritage DNA customers...