1. Maciamo

    Analysing Iron Age Italian samples

    The Antonio et al. (2019) paper on Ancient Rome was released 2 and a half months ago, so I am coming a bit late for the analysis, but I had been busy before. Using the Dodecad K12b data provided by Jovialis, I created a table of the 11 Iron Age samples from this study. ID Date Y-DNA...
  2. leperrine

    J2a L397 - Phoenician and Greek Colonization in The Mediterranean

    Found this and thought it was Interesting. J2a L397 is my paternal lineage.. My Y-DNA Haplogroup is J2a1h2a1 [J2-L70 (J2-L397, J2-L398)] Makes a lot of sense. I can trace my paternal ancestry almost 1,000 years to Languedoc France. Pretty sure they were Franks. "Finally, we explored...
  3. N

    Austeravia, Elektriden and E-V22

    A boldhypothesis .... or fiction ?It is awell-known theory of Steve S. Bird that haplogroup E-V13 in Wales and Englandis partly introduced by the Romans. But what about E-V22? For E-V22 there isoften made a connection with the Phoenicians. This was an old seafaring peoplen (at their peak from...
  4. Maciamo

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures

    Tracing back Phoenician & Arabic DNA in modern Spaniards using Haak 2015's admixtures I have updated the genome-wide section of my Genetic history of the Iberian peninsula by analysing Haak 2015's admixtures (K=20). Haak et al.'s autosomal data shows that the Basques and other North Spaniards...
  5. RHAS

    Haplogroup J2, Greeks, Phoenicians and Mesopotamians.

    Haplgroup J2, Greeks and Phoenicians. "The ancient Greeks and Phoenicians were the main driving forces behind the spread of J2 around the western and southern Mediterranian.", 2013. "Thus the most likely explanation...
  6. Maciamo

    New distribution map of haplogroup E-M123

    To complete the series of main E1b1b subclades after E-V13 and E-M81, here is the map of E-M123, the most Middle Eastern of the three clades. I admit that I am a bit at a loss regarding its origin in Europe. M123 doesn't appear to be related to Neolithic cultures in the Balkans, which are...