population growth

  1. Z

    Formation of New Settlements and Tribes during the Neolithic and Bronze Age

    I'm trying to understand how populations spread during the Neolithic and Bronze age. Are there any estimates on the average time it would take for some of the inhabitants of one settlement( i.e. a hamlet or village) from the time of its foundation to leave and found a new second settlement along...
  2. Z

    Pre-Historic Population Size

    After thinking about the genetic pre history of Europe, a question came to mind and I'm curious if anyone here knows. Is there any estimates on the population size of certain key periods in Europe's pre-history from archaeologists or geneticists. In particular I'm wondering how many farmers left...
  3. Jovialis

    Slowdown in African fertility rate linked to disruption of girls' education

    A team of researchers with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis has found a connection between fertility rates in many African countries and access to education for girls living in those countries. In their paper published Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the...