1. Anfänger

    Genetic discontinuity in a Medieval Sicilian community (Abstract)

  2. Anfänger

    Genomic and dietary discontinuities during the Mesolithic and Neolithic in Sicily

    Mesolithic and Neolithic in Sicily Highlights 1.Genetic transition between Early Mesolithic and Late Mesolithic hunter-gatherers. 2.A near-complete genetic turnover during the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition. 3.Exchange of subsistence practices between hunter-gatherers and early farmers...
  3. T

    Looking to discover my roots: E-V13 subclade E-L17 in Sicily

    Hello Everyone! I just took a test through 23 and me that told me I am E-L17, a subclade of E-V13. E-V13, according to 23 and me: "Your haplogroup migrated in large numbers from the Balkans into Europe about 4,500 years ago, triggered by the beginning of the Balkan Bronze Age. During this...
  4. S

    Sicilian Genetics

    Hello, I am seeking a source of Gedmatch and Gedmatch Genesis compatible kit numbers or raw DNA for modern Sicilian genomes, and also if one exists, a source for prehistoric raw DNA from Sicily which can be converted to forms allowing comparisons. I would appreciate any guidance members have...
  5. A

    Spanish/Iberian/Southwestern European genetic influence and haplogroups in Sicily?

    Hi all, as you can probably already tell, I'm a little surprised by my DNA results judging by my previous thread. None the less, I'm roughly speaking half Italian (Sicilian and Italian) and half 'American' (French) and Eastern European. Although my DNA results have shown that I'm mostly...
  6. LeBrok

    Sicily through GedMatch Harappa World

    Recently I got a lot of kit numbers for Sicily, and having a bit of time on my hands today I compiled this table. Europeans # of samples S-Indian Baloch Caucasian NE-Euro SE-Asian Siberian NE-Asian Papuan American Beringian Mediterranean SW-Asian San...
  7. Joey D

    Sicilian: History, Etymology, Idiomatic Expressions, related discussions

    I have come across four or five forumites of Sicilian background, with a good grasp of Sicilian, its linguistic history, etc, and I thought it might warrant its own thread - noting I have made a habit of waylaying other threads, which I prefer not to do. Either way, the linguistic history of...
  8. M

    What is the most common Y Dna Haplogroup in Sicily and Southern Italy?

    What is the most common Y Dna Haplogroup in Sicily and Southern Italy? which Haplogroups links certain migrations in Sicily and Southern Italy from around the Mediterranean?
  9. B

    R1b-L21 (S145) in Slovenia and Sicily?

    Having had a look over the Haplogroup maps I thought it was strange to note the 1-5% occurance of R1b-L21 in what appears to be Slovenia. Anyone know why this could be? Also, what about the reasonable occurance in Sicily?
  10. A

    Normans, Gallo-Italics and Lombards DNA in Sicily

    Hello everyone! Is there a genetic study about Gallo-Italics of Sicily? They were colonizers and soldiers brought to Sicily by Norman invaders in the eleventh century from their homeland in North Italy (and France?). Their descendants are still there. Gallo-Italics of Sicily, also called...