1. I

    Red Hair very common in Eastern European?

    Are Red hair really that rare in Eastern Europe? I'vs seen a lot of Hungarians and Slovenians with Red Hairs,myself being an Italian person? What could be the reason for that?
  2. Alexandra_K

    Vajunites - connection to Slovenia?

    Hello, I am researching my maternal family's regional origins and history and would like to share some of my findings and hear your opinions. Our place of origin is a village near Ioannina, Greece, called Ekklisohori. It was renamed in 1928 and its original name had been Tserkovista (or...
  3. K

    An Early Slavic subterranean shrine?

    Apparently, a shrine was discovered in a cave in Slovenia, and this paper argues that it is an Early Slavic shrine, dedicated to Perun (or Kresnik). (Here should be a link to the article, yet it seems I am not yet allowed to post them. Will this work? Just remove the space before the "edu" and...
  4. B

    R1b-L21 (S145) in Slovenia and Sicily?

    Having had a look over the Haplogroup maps I thought it was strange to note the 1-5% occurance of R1b-L21 in what appears to be Slovenia. Anyone know why this could be? Also, what about the reasonable occurance in Sicily?