social class

  1. Maciamo

    What are the three things that most strongly define your identity?

    I posted a thread on how Europeans viewed themselves and how much they identified with things such as one's family, gender, age group, nationality, region, level of education, occupation, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political orientation, or religion. If you had to choose three things to...
  2. Maciamo

    Evolution of income groups in Western Europe and the USA from 1991 to 2010

    The Pew Research Center has published a very interesting analysis of the evolution of social classes in Western Europe and the US from 1991 to 2010. Here are a few infographics to summarise the findings. 1) The middle class expands in France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, but shrinks...
  3. Maciamo

    Who reads which newspaper in Britain?

    Britain is one of the world's most class-conscious societies. Contrarily to many other countries though, social classes have little to do with income or jobs. It's a mindset, a way of being and living, something inherited from one's parents and influenced by one's peers. It has more to do with...
  4. Maciamo

    Modern Britain divided in 7 main social classes

    The BBC's Great British Class Survey found that there were seven identifiable social classes in the UK. The new classes bear little resemblance to the traditional divisions in upper, upper-middle, middle, lower-middle and working classes. The new social classes are described like this: Elite...