1. Maciamo

    Genetic analysis of Early Medieval Germanic tribes

    I long wanted to compare the genomes of various Germanic tribes to see how similar they were with each others and how much they resembled modern Europeans. I have started doing it here with an analysis of Lombard, Anglo-Saxon, Suebi/Alemanni and Ostrogothic genomes. In short, Lombards and...
  2. S

    autosomal dna in north portugal

    Well I just want to know if there is any data or study on northern portuguese autosomical dna. I am curious since this area is known for less neolithic continuity and more germanic tribes settleling in the area such as the suebi.
  3. S

    The very interesting haplogroup j1b

    Hi everyone, I would like you guys to enlighten me on this since it consernes the area that I live on. Most folks consider J1 to be immediatly a typical semithic haplogroup but I have read that that is not true.When I first saw studies conserning J1 has around 3% in my area I doubted of the...
  4. S

    suebi y-dna input in north portugal and galicia

    So I wonder why there is so much I(y-dna) in the braga region as portraied by beleza et al because there is ~18% of I(y-dna). I also know that this city was the capital of the suebi kingdom in galicia and noth portugal but in this specific area there is much more I(y-dna) than even in some parts...
  5. Maciamo

    Estimating Germanic Y-DNA in Iberia

    Spain and Portugal are fairly well studied countries for Y-chromosomal lineages. Unfortunately no study so far has tested for the Germanic S21/U106 subclade of R1b, and few papers even distinguish subclades of I (those who did only tested for I2a1a-M26). I have analysed the raw data from Adams...