1. Jovialis

    Skulls on Stakes and Cranial Trauma in Mesolithic Sweden

    Keep your head high: skulls on stakes and cranial trauma in Mesolithic Sweden Abstract The socio-cultural behaviour of Scandinavian Mesolithic hunter-gatherers has been difficult to understand due to the dearth of sites thus far investigated. Recent excavations at Kanaljorden in Sweden...
  2. Maciamo

    An analysis of Scandinavian Y-DNA

    I have just updated the Y-DNA frequencies for Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The sample sizes are now respectively 613, 1323 and 2826, including the FTDNA projects for each country. I didn't use the data from the Scandinavian DNA Project and the Viking DNA Project as I didn't feel like checking for...
  3. Maciamo

    Retracing the mtDNA genealogy of Valdemar I of Sweden (haplogroup Z1a)

    As already reported in Haplogroups of European kings and queens, Malmström et al. (2011) tested the mtDNA King Valdemar I of Sweden (1239–1302) and his brother, King Magnus III of Sweden (1240-1290). Both were found to belong to Y-DNA haplogroup I1 and mtDNA haplogroup Z1a. The two kings were...