1. Maciamo

    Forecasts of genetic fate just got a lot more accurate

    Tests like 23andMe were revolutionary 10 years ago. But their ability to predict risks of developing specific diseases have not always been very accurate, except for carrier status. Things are evolving fast now that millions of individuals have been sequenced specifically to find new genes...
  2. Jovialis

    Metabolism (Hunter & Farmer Traits) Results - Insitome

    According to this test by Insitome, half of my metabolic traits come from farmers; the other half from hunter-gatherers. I knew I could drink a lot of coffee! I would also adapt well to a vegetarian diet. ALDH2 ADH1B...
  3. N

    Haplogroup personality types?

    This might be a question best answered by established users of Eupedia or other genetic sites... I'm wondering if the field of haplogroup study is now far enough along to allow for the identification of haplogroup specific personality traits. For example, the Japanese place real importance on...