1. Jovialis

    Who's Pulling Your Strings?

    I think it is important to be open to change, if it is reasonable to do so. Nevertheless, there should be a balance between being steadfast in certain values we hold and the ability to compromise. As the article states, I think it is important to have certain archetypes that you should emulate...
  2. LeBrok

    Politics Is modern Europe product of christian values?

    I know we used to attribute many current events and systems of modern Europe as coming from heritage of Christian Europe. But can we really describe what are the unique Christian values that helped to build modern Europe? I've found easier to express what Christianity didn't affect in Modern...
  3. edao

    Can Arab nations live in a democracy?

    With the fall of dictators all over the Arab world, do you think Arab culture is capable of running a democracy? Should western nations stop trying to empose their values and cultural templates onto people from different cultures?