y-dna j1

  1. H

    What do we know about J1-FGC10401 ?

    Is this Ghassanid, with Homerite / Sabaean roots? My family name is listed as one of the Ghassanid families online.
  2. J

    J-m267 / j-cts5368

    Recently 23andMe updated our paternal haplogroup from J-M267 to J-CTS5368. I’ll appreciate any information / explanation that can be provided on this forum. Thank you🙏
  3. J

    my mtDNA haplogroup is J1c2e2...

    Hello everybody...! I am new in this community and I am searching origins of my mtDNA J1c2e2. I have ancestors from Spain, as well as Portugal.
  4. S

    The very interesting haplogroup j1b

    Hi everyone, I would like you guys to enlighten me on this since it consernes the area that I live on. Most folks consider J1 to be immediatly a typical semithic haplogroup but I have read that that is not true.When I first saw studies conserning J1 has around 3% in my area I doubted of the...
  5. GeoFan

    J1 and Northern Italy (Tuscany)

    Hello Eupedia, this is my 1st post. I found this forum by searching Google for info on my: Northern Italian (Tuscan) Paternal J1 haplogroup. Any helpful hints? My father, paternal grandfather, and great-grandfather all had Tuscan roots. (Any other TSI: Toscans in Italy, J1?) My paternal...
  6. Maciamo

    Correlating the mtDNA haplogroups of the original Y-haplogroup J1 and T1 herders

    A recent paper on Madagascar Y-DNA and mtDNA made me realise that Y-haplogroups J1 and T1 probably both spread from the northern Zagros after having become nomadic herders during the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. Both haplogroups are usually found together in Europe, in the Arabian peninsula, Egypt...
  7. Maciamo

    Distribution of haplogroup J1 in Italy (Boattini et al.)

    Haplogroup J1 is found at relatively low frequencies in Europe, except in Italy and Greece. The new study by Boattini et al. provides new insight into the distribution of J1 and its subclades in Italy. The highest concentration is found in Agrigento (12%) in southwest Sicily, most probably due...