BBC News : Jewels made from father's ashes

The first synthetic diamonds made from the ashes of a man are to be set into jewellery so they can be worn by his family.
Mrs Tandy, 51, from Reading, Berkshire, returned to LifeGem on Saturday for help to get the diamonds set in rings.
The geologist's ashes were heated and pressurised to produce the gem.

The process produces a raw crystal which is then polished and shaped.

Mrs Tandy's 2,250 pale yellow diamond was the first produced by the company.
David Hampson, chief executive of LifeGem, said: "Cremated remains consist partially of carbon so what we do is extract the carbon, purify it then put in a commercial diamond press and grow a synthetic diamond.

"But it is a synthetic diamond with a specific carbon source which is your loved one.

"It is a very essence of the person you have lost - it is a mobile memorial that never has to leave your side.
It's no wonder that this had to be started by a geologist's family.