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Thread: Are you what you think you are?

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    Who gets to decide which things are bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mad pierrot
    Who gets to decide which things are bad?
    You, judges, observers, God...

    People do most of the things they do without thinking about doing them in a daily baisis; actions are more like reactions that we rutinely repeat doing so.

    Having said that I know that we still struggle when it comes to a decision making, make a bad decision and do not even try to go back. (e.g. I knew that I shouldn't have drunk last night, but I did, I feel pretty s****y today!) Any kind of actions have effects on our lives regardless the meaning of them.

    For a respect to the question, I am not sure if I am what I think I am. I say things that I don't mean sometimes, and I act not like myself sometimes depending of the surroundings.

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