Yesterday I was watching a recent and long report on the reconstruction in Bosnia. Mostly the documentary was focused in Srebrenica, the difficulties of reconstruction, and the difficulties of those who came bak and found their house ruined are still haunted by the past. As well as the identification of all missing persons and of the remains found in mass graves. Not to long ago the bridge in Mostar was also rebuilt, and although there are some good signs, I feel that the Euopean community is not doing a whole lot to really get things going and reconstruct the damaged areas of the Balkans physically emotionally and intellectually. The program was saying that the EU had invested in Bosnia 2 billion euros in the past 8 years. That seems not nearly sufficient enough for the whole process needed to undertake such a task. And then there is Kosovo as well. Although not as badly damaged and scared as Bosnia, the Kosovo issue looms over with a big question of idenity and soveregnity for the future. I wonder what the European Community has in mind as in how to fuly integrate this area that is fille with old feuds and ethnic dislikes. What do you all think? Is there any optimal solution you think would work in this scenario ?