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View Poll Results: The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was

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  • The ultimate crime against humanity

    12 32.43%
  • A serious war crime because US had other options

    9 24.32%
  • An unethical act of war although US needed to check USSR

    0 0%
  • An inferior choice although US had few other options

    1 2.70%
  • Justified because it saved many US & Japanese lives

    7 18.92%
  • Entirely justified because Japan would not surrender without it

    8 21.62%
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Thread: Dropping the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki:

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    It is a sad fact that every social group and every country contains persons who work in collusion
    to take the property/territory of others. It is sad that war is as ingrained in societies as it is. It is
    also sad that a percentage of the peace loving majority of humans ultimately suffers immeasurably
    at the extended hands of extremely dominant persons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeBrok View Post
    First of all you need to tell Japanese that their god/emperor lost the war, and they would never believe you. The Japanese government would proclaim victory regardless.
    Secondly, you would leave all their occupied nations in Asia to Japan. But who cares, they are just Asians, and we know how well Japan was treating them.
    Thirdly, not finishing Japan would leave a possibility of recovery and new Japan/US war.
    On top of it if you treated Japan this way, why wouldn't we leave Germany with Hitler in power in pre war borders???!!! All peachy, all fixed, let's go home.
    The Japanese military basically copy pasted the German military technology with more or less success, while Nazi Germans were helped out by American companies including the IBM which created computers for the Nazis including the the Grandfather of George Bush who helped them to give loans, and Rockefeller who brought oil through South America to the Nazi state in secret operations. in other words the Nazi Germany couldn't stand a chance without the technological help of the US.
    They had neither the military nor technically advance to make a real threat against US, to make a reference not even North Korea a few years ago had the ability to reach the shores of American lands, let alone the Japanese in the 40's. It's been proven by non US biased historians that the US were prepared for an attack on Hawaii from the Japanese military forces, but it was part of a plan to have the American public's sympathy to get involed in war, in other words a propaganda to deceive the public into thinking Japanese are a real threat to American freedom, I guess you know the sufferings and deaths of Japanese citizens during the World ward II, that was basically a racial based holocaust against hard working Americans who had just one thing in common: They had Japanese ancestry.

    Hitler's American business partners

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    Its just horrible.

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