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Thread: How do you feel about your country's education system ?

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    I can't say that the education system in my country is very cool and convenient, but I can't say anything bad about it either. Anything can be done better and that is what they do with our education system.

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    Well, i can't say much about our ed. system. Because you, guys, have already said almost my thoughts. I have a friend in East EU. He said that their ed. system is trash. They learning from books which were written in 80-90. And its not happened in school. In colleges too. Can you imagine?

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    Since we have state run schools, the states decide how to allot the money to the school districts. In Illinois, larger communities receive larger per capita from the state. For instance in Chicago schools, the schools receive $15 per capita, in Madison County, south central Illinois, the amount is $1.50 per student. Very unfair even though Madison County property tax rates are at a much higher rate than Chicago.

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