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Thread: How do you feel about your country's education system ?

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    Since we have state run schools, the states decide how to allot the money to the school districts. In Illinois, larger communities receive larger per capita from the state. For instance in Chicago schools, the schools receive $15 per capita, in Madison County, south central Illinois, the amount is $1.50 per student. Very unfair even though Madison County property tax rates are at a much higher rate than Chicago.

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    Positively I have the opportunity to finish school, go to college or university, first of all, it all depends on the person himself.

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    Country: United Kingdom

    Some countries have the best education system but everything is not 100% perfect so you can say if it is good from other countries.

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    Country: Afghanistan

    Game are so so great . The energy is amazing.

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    Country: China

    Capitalist duckfeeding with stalinist characteristics.

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    Our country’s education system lacks behind from other countries in many aspects. Some of them are mentioned below:
    1) Whole system till high school, even in college as well, is based on memorizing and learning things by heart instead of understanding and being able to explain and express in your own words. If you make the question a bit tricky by changing words, most of the students will not be able to attempt it though they memorized the answer word by word.
    2) Students are only taught from textbooks imposed by education boards and the government.
    3) Most of the teachers are not specialized nor have university degrees in subjects they teach.
    4) Teachers teach irrelevant subjects from their degrees, such as English teacher teaching maths or chemistry etc.
    5) Teachers give so much homework.
    6) Most of the teachers lack teaching techniques and their behaviour to students is nonprofessional.
    7) Our education system has very poor general knowledge geography syllabus.
    8) Most of the students (even in primary grades) need private tutors or private coaching centers.
    It will not be wrong if we say that private school and institute owners are just running their business, making money, they have zero concern about standards and levels.

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