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Thread: How do you feel about your country's education system ?

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    Since we have state run schools, the states decide how to allot the money to the school districts. In Illinois, larger communities receive larger per capita from the state. For instance in Chicago schools, the schools receive $15 per capita, in Madison County, south central Illinois, the amount is $1.50 per student. Very unfair even though Madison County property tax rates are at a much higher rate than Chicago.

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    Positively I have the opportunity to finish school, go to college or university, first of all, it all depends on the person himself.

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    Game are so so great . The energy is amazing.

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    Capitalist duckfeeding with stalinist characteristics.

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    Indeed buddy!

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    In this modern age, you don’t need high-tech bombs to destroy a country. Just corrupt or destroy their education system and that country will fall apart in a very few time. These words clarify the importance of the education system for a country. Many countries are full of natural resources which can make them one of the richest countries but just because of the lack of education they are struggling. To make a country strong or successful first thing to do is improve the education system of that country. Because a country can’t survive if the people of that country don’t know how to survive.
    As a teacher, you can also help to create your country great by using the Complete List of Teaching Methods and Strategies:
    To improve the education system of a developing country there are a few basic things we should work on. First of all, we have to improve the standard of our education. While making the programs and policies keep the higher aims and goals in mind. Next is accountability which is one of the most essential parts of the education system. There must be an accountability framework in place that rewards institutions that achieve exceptional achievements while penalizing those that do not. Also, involve the parents of the students. Just a teacher can’t do anything without parents' help. Because in the school the teacher has responsibility for students study but at the same time parents also have to play their role to teach their children’s. The final step which is essential to improve a country’s education system is to stay up to date with the technology. If you are living in 2022 and still teaching windows XP or dos to the students then you are just destroying the student’s future.

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