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Thread: New World Order

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    New World Order

    While trying to learn more of Japan, I found this interesting news in a Japanese newspaper.

    An interesting development in 'creating a new world'.

    New U.S. bill eyes country-by-country action plans for democracy

    Friday, March 4, 2005 at 12:39 JST
    WASHINGTON \ Bipartisan lawmakers submitted Thursday a global democracy promotion bill in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, mandating the creation of country-by-country action plans tailored to each "non-democratic" state.

    The legislation comes after President George W Bush vowed in his second-term inaugural speech in January to spread freedom and democracy around the world with the "ultimate goal" of ending tyranny

    The ADVANCE Democracy Act would establish freedom and democracy as fundamental components of U.S. foreign policy. ADVANCE is an acronym for the bill's full title.

    The bill focuses on creating positions and offices in the State Department for democracy advancement, notably a senior Under Secretary for Global Affairs, who would be mandated to advocate democracy and fundamental freedoms around the world.

    It would establish the Office of Democracy Movements and Transitions and separate Regional Democracy Hubs as contact points for democracy activists around the world.

    The State Department is obliged to prepare an annual report on democracy along with an action democracy-promotion plan under the bill. U.S. embassies are to be fashioned as "islands of freedom."

    "The promotion of democracy and freedom is simply inseparable from the long term security of the U.S.," said Senr John McCain, pointing to the recent fall of non-democratic governments in the Ukraine and Lebanon.

    "It basically says that America has a national purpose, defined in our Declaration of Independence, that we're all endowed equally by our Creator with those rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That's America's work at home, but it's also America's work abroad," said Sen Joseph Lieberman, another bill sponsor.

    "In the debate between realists and idealists," said Lieberman, the bill puts U.S. foreign policy "squarely on the side of idealism." (Wire reports)
    These hubs means paid agents to foment trouble in other countries?

    Mybe the Velvet, Orange and now the Cedar Revolutions are the trial balloons of the bill organised by the 'hubs' that were created!

    How is the American Decalaration of Independence some God given paper that is sacrosant? Tomorrow, China will do something like this stating that the Communist Manifesto is some scintillating document that must be followed by the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayc
    Tomorrow, China will do something like this stating that the Communist Manifesto is some scintillating document that must be followed by the world!
    Maybe you missed it, but the Comintern did such a promotion already.

    It's pretty common for governments &/or political parties to support "friendly" organisations abroad. Nothing new here. Maybe the underlying religious motivation is a bit alarming, but also nothing new.

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    Freedom and Democracy and Death and Destruction!

    Same stuff.

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    Although a US president, senator, or congressman can advocate highly US centered values and policies for internal purposes and reasons, when they are announced outside the US, they are often taken with major resentment and rightful indignation. Rayc, before jumping to the extreme conclusion, do consider the discussion process as a dialogue rather than polemics or personal insults. It is my understanding that we have a highly knowledgeable and critical membership which is quite valuable, and we dog each other all the time. I don't think Bossel had anything against your rasing the issue here. He was only making a small comment on one small phrase. You are both right.

    Please continue the discussion. Let's have some positive evidence and historical precision, and analysis, contributed to this thread. Let me offer one question. Why is it that George Bush, some 15 yrs ago, started the Gulf Wars but the oil prices have kept rising, and terrorism likewise ?

    Either the good guys are in bed with the devil, or the Bushes and their supporters are

    1) Making huge politico-ecomnomic miscalculations as unforgiveable for professional politicians/administrators.


    2) Losing nothing at all, because they have their own fool-proof businesses going on the side.

    Any comments, opinions, facts, counter-arguments ?
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    Z: You asked me how I knew implying you knew I knew. In fact I saw some fish, strolling down by the Hao River, all jolly and gay.


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