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Thread: Hairy discrimination

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    Hairy discrimination

    School bans girl with hair braids
    A 13-year-old girl has been suspended from school because the head teacher disapproves of her hairstyle.
    The Middleton Technology School pupil said she was not aware her new hairstyle would breach strict rules drawn up by governors which state that children "cannot have their head shaved or wear extreme hair fashions of any sort".

    However, she is confused and angry that two other pupils - one black and one mixed race - have not been reprimanded.
    Political correctness gone wild again? I thought the British are so open-minded regarding extravagance, but this...

    In the 80's a British teacher told me that even in English banks you could find employees with punk haircuts. Nowadays a rather innocent hairstyle like that is banned even from school? & why only for a caucasoid girl?
    Crazy Britons!

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    It's the PC brigade. They are a pain in the arse in this country. I read this in a paper and couldn't believe it. It seem that if you are white then you not subject to racism. Some schools are just run by petty minded dictators, with not much to do. A lot of schools would have probably allowed this. I really dislike the PC lobby. I'm the worst kind to them, white, male and English. Get the blame for everything if your in that catagory

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    CP should not be implemented in countries where the the native population is still the majority. The native inhabitants have a special relationship with the land and show utmost respect and attachment to it. Imagine punishing Native Americans for dressing like a European.

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