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Thread: How do you percieve God/Gods?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mycernius
    I've always wondered what the religious extremists would say if aliens arrived on earth. Probably that they are Satans minions come to corrupt man.
    There's a video game called NARC where you get to bust people like that. Religious extremists that is. It's pretty funny!

    Extremist: "You're going to burn in Hell!"
    You after you bust the extremist: "You have the right to shut your dumbass up."

    I've had to defend myself to a lot of Jesus freaks in the past. They've got a tendency to quote a lot from the Bible if they get stuck, I have to use science and logic. I used to work with a convert to JW for 5 years. This tends to focus the mind.
    When I get stuck with those types of people I use Kung Fu like Robert Stack in the movie Airplane.

    Our survival trait is our bigger brain and intelligence. Being a weaker animal you have to find some way to defend yourself against stronger animals. This has been seen in chimps against baboons. A chimp will used a weapon to defend itself. It uses it's intelligence to overcome a stronger foe. It should be more survival of the intelligent. See the Darwin Awards
    Don't remind me. We say we're the smartest yet there are more stupid people in this world than I can count! Seriously who feeds their kid pestiside because they ate ants? Or how about somebody trying to rob a gun store, with off duty cops in it? Damn the stupidity of some people just amazes me.

    I didn't say God controlled your life. I implied that the religious say that it is gods will if something happens. No, that is nature. You strike me as more spiritual than God obsessed.
    Pragmatist = ME

    I guess I am more a science and logic type along with the force of nature. It's a case of what my interest are, and I am the science type.

    Don't you insult me with big words, even if they are partially true.
    I think isayhello san has raised some good points as well.

    PS: I thought you said you wouldn't reply to these post as they are hypocritical? Who needs Maciamo to argue against you?
    Maciamo is a cynic and a skeptic. I think that's reason enough.

    "Suppress all compassion and you bear a weapon far greater than any held in the hand of a normal human being." - The Psychology of the Assassin

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    statues and temples are man-made artifacts.

    as far as i have understood, shintoism is about to see the natural forces as "gods". somehow true, as they nourish us humans, and they are not inanimate.

    many religions (like christianity) are simply death cults, supporting a global end by various efforts. like to teach small children about cruel crucification punishment. a large part of the new testament is about the judgement procedure, which takes tree days. this is my personal perception.

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    You people hate the hypocrisy of organized religion, and come to the conclusion that there's nothing there. However, you are adamant about having free will (like people with religion do); that you think there's not a power in the entire universe that can stop you. But in reality, you know there is something there. You're just too scared to admit it. Thinking that there is would make you question life and the order of things. It would cause chaos in your life and routines, and you don't want that. So you choose to believe in nothing hoping that you're right, and that everything will be okay. Humanity is better suited on it's own than with a god. To bad it doesn't work out that way.
    Doc, it takes ALOTTA faith to be an atheist!

    Loved your rants!

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    I think spirits exists. They can be bad, good, more or less powerful. But no God, Satan, Heaven or Hell.

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