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Thread: Could you share something about the marburg virus?

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    Could you share something about the marburg virus?

    I have read from the newspapers that it has claimed 193 lives in Angola already. I understand no vaccine has been developed yet.How is it similar and different from ebola virus? How long is its incubation period? I have read that it is transmitted thru bodily fluids. I felt sad for the medical workers who died also of the disease. I appreciate the great sacrifice they've done in the service of their brethren.

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    "The Marburg virus is the causative agent of Marburg hemorrhagic fever. Both the disease and virus are related to Ebola and originate in the same part of Africa (Uganda and western Kenya). Its source is a zoonosis of unknown origin.

    The disease is spread through bodily fluids, including blood, excrement, saliva, and vomit. There is no cure or vaccine for this deadly and infectious virus. Victims suffer a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and severe bleeding from bodily orifices and usually die within a week. Fatality rates range from 25 to 100 percent."

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