Machiavellian is an English noun and adjective that is named after the Italian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli and is also often associated with crafty, ruthless and duplicitious manipulation.

Quisling- was coined for Vidkun Quisling in "honor" of his nazi collaboration. It is a word meaning traitor in English and some other European languages. Quisling is synonymous with treason and collaboration with foreign invaders.

Hitlerism- a doctrine based on Adolf Hitler's principles

Shakespearean- [noun] an authority on or devotee of Shakespeare
Shakespearean- [adj] evocative of a theme, setting, or event from a work of Shakespeare

Vidkun Quisling- traitor
Niccolo Machiavelli- manipulative, duplicitious

I was thinking of some names that should be synonymous with words.

Bush- [noun] idiot; [adj]: stupid, (named after George Bush)
Estrada-[noun] loser (named after ex-president Estrada)
Teresa- [adj]: sweet, compassionate, [noun] a saint (named after Mother Teresa)
Gandhi- [noun] pacifist; [adj]: pacifistic (named after Mahatma Gandhi)
King- [noun] civil rights (named after Reverend Martin Luther King)
Rizal- honorable person, loyal person (named after Dr. Jose Rizal)
Buchanan- xenophobe, xenophobic
Hitler- white supremacist, white supremacism (named after Adolf Hitler)
Lee- a high-level martial arts fighter, a martial arts genius (named after Bruce Lee)