2 new Papers on ancient European DNA from UP to Neolithic

Here is a live science article related to a paper published just last month on ancient DNA from Crimea, which shows that these 2 ancient UP Europeans had ancestry that comes from the Zlaty kun sample from the Czech Republic (circa 43-45k years ago). This suggest that likely was from the Zaty Klun. The paper also shows the ancient Crimean UP samples show genetic affinity with the CHG cluster more so than all other UP samples that date to around 30k years ago or later except the Fournol cluster found in Belgium (35k years ago) along with Paglicci12 sample in Southern Italy (Puglia) which is part of the Fournol cluster.

Paper is "Genome sequences of 36,000- to 37,000-year-old modern humans at Buran-Kaya III in Crimea" by Bennett et al published 23 October 2023 in Nature Ecology and Evolution

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