2013 Pentagon Report: The Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism


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THE STRATEGIC CONSEQUENCES OF CHINESE RACISM: A Strategic Asymmetry for the United States

The rise of multiculturalism in the United States, and the West more broadly, has destroyed, or “decentered” in the language of the multiculturalists, the American Creed, in favor of an explicitly multiracial, multicultural society that celebrates differences rather than requiring assimilation. Huntington’s American Creed has been replaced by an ideology that rejects its core principles and beliefs in favor of promoting any culture, so long as it is not Western. From the perspective of the Chinese, it is hard what to make of this. In their view, the United States is explicitly rejecting the principles that made the country great, and united it. It is fair to say that the Chinese have not fully thought through the impact of multiculturalism on the West. According to Sinologist John Copper, the Chinese see multiculturalism as a sickness that has overtaken the United States, and a component of U.S. decline. Their belief is that it is bad for the United States, weakening it at a time when the United States is already weakened due to its alien political ideology and different cultural values, with too strong a focus on individualism. From the Chinese viewpoint, all of this conspires to cause the breakdown of American society and the lack of purpose in life for most Americans. Yet, at the same time, they embrace American popular culture. In essence, they think the American people are good but the American government and dominant beliefs are bad. One major implication of this is that the Chinese government may have less of a desire to confront the U.S. due to the expectation that it will collapse of its own internal discord.

https://www.esd.whs.mil/Portals/54/...ic Consequences of Chinese Racism 201301.pdf

Here are past posts I have made in regards to my suspicion that the Chinese government is indeed trying to foster internal discord, based on these news reports.

I also want to make it clear, that this has absolutely nothing to do with the PEOPLE of China, who have a lot to be proud of for their culture, and contributions to humanity. Rather, it is the authoritarian-regime that rules them.

‘Woke’ Corporations Use the Chinese Model

They make a profit and suppress dissent at the same time.


I have long speculated that wokery, especially as an online presence, with fake Twitter and Facebook bots, are a Chinese government initiative to disrupt order in the West. They're utilizing useful idiots abroad to facilitate their agenda to undermine our posterity, and vilify our past. Corporations are under the influence of Chinese wealth too. Lenin was right to say, the capitalists will sell us rope we will hang them with.

My reasoning for this:
"Twitter has removed more than 170,000 accounts the social media site says are state-linked influence campaigns from China focusing on Hong Kong protests, Covid-19 and the US protests in relation to George Floyd."

Russia is also involved:
"Researchers say social media following the death of George Floyd is similar to a social media campaign from a Russian state group that manipulated the online discourse around the Black Lives Matter movement."
It's like the Cold War never ended. Russia and China keep attacking the US in a subverted way, nowadays through social media.

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