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Thread: What is the European Union

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    What is the European Union

    Just exactly what is the European Union, is it a union for trade and commerce or is it like NATO or the UN.

    Im just a little confused on the subject
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    The EU is an international organisation that was set up and developed in the post-second world war period with the main aims of fostering democracy and political union in place of war through interdependence and economic union and the removal of trade barriers. It was initially limited to economic union, as the European Economic Community, and preceded by the European Coal and Steel Community. As an inter-governmental organisation it also coodinates foreign and security policy as well as co-operation in justice and home affairs.

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    Have you read the threads How has the EU changed Europe and other threads in this subforum ?

    I'd say that the EU is like an additional state over the pre-existing nation-states. It has everything needed to be called a state (even more than many small countries like Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican, etc.) : it has a flag, an anthem, a parliament, laws, an administration, an executive branch, a supreme court, a currency, a central bank, a citizenship, various education programmes, plays a role in redistrubting taxes, etc. That is the first supranational state, I would say, as it is much more than an organisation like the UN or NATO. There is no UN or NATO citizenship, passports, currency or tax policy.
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