Expatica : Chirac backs Verhofstadt’s EU plans

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In a statement on Tuesday, Chirac showed support for an idea by Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt to allow certain groups of countries to advance European integration more quickly.

Verhofstadt had mooted the idea after the French and Dutch rejection of the European Constitution sparked fears of political paralysis in the 25-nation bloc.

“The member countries of the eurozone have a natural calling to deepen their political, economic, taxation and social integration,” said

“France, together with interested partners, wants to examine all possible means to reinforce the visibility and weight of the eurozone.”
That is called "multiple-speed Europe", something that already exist (eurozone, passport/visas policies...) and that I expect to take more importance in the future. With 25, and soon 27 member-states, it is becoming increasingly difficult to all agree on everything. I suppose that if all 50 US States had to agree on new economic, social or foreign policies, nothing would ever move.

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But the idea has been met with resistance from some EU experts who say Verhofstadt’s position is “inconsistent.”
It is only inconsistent for those who see the EU has a uniform country, that should have uniforms laws in all Member-States. But if we accept that the EU is not just one government, but 25, like in a federal country, then there is absolutely now problem with having different laws in different states. After all, some US States allow death penalty, while others don't - and all EU States, despite of their bigger cultural differences than within the USA, have all banned death penalty.

There many other examples that shows that the EU is already much more uniform on a legal point of view than the various US States . Driving licences are issued at age 18 everything, except in the UK where it is 17, while the US has ages ranging from 14 to 18. Most EU Member-States have a similar, liberal approach to soft drugs, while it varies greatly between US States. Some US States do not levy personal income tax or sales tax, while all EU states do. I therefore do not see any inconsistency with some EU Member-States getting a bit ahead of other in matter of legislation.