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Thread: Family civil liability insurance

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    Question Family civil liability insurance

    I have learnt recently that about 80% of Belgian family have what is called here "family insurance", i.e. a civil liablity insurance that covers the whole family against prejudice caused to third parties accidentally. For example, if your children break the neighbour's window while playing with a ball in the garden, or if your dog bites someone, or if your accidentally run over a pedestrian with your car due to absent-mindedness... the insurance pays for the damages, which can sometimes be huge (in case of serious accidents). This insurance is quite cheap, about 50 to 60 € per year.

    I was wondering how common such an insurance was in other countries. I have never heard of it in Japan, and couldn't find the right translation on the Internet.
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    In the U.S., it is known as general liability coverage. The premium is generally based on the policy limit. You can have liability coverage connected with homeowners' insurance, automobile insurance, business insurance and so on. The coverage protects the property owner against any injuries or damages that the policyholder is "legally liable" for. Under automobile coverages, general liability is split up between bodily injury and property damage. Some policy limits are $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident and higher. Some business liability policy limits can go into the millions of dollars.

    The kinds of incidents you cite would generally fall under a homeowners' or renters' liability section of their policies.

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