We always hear how humans have the right to do with animals whichever way they wish -- often premised on the gmight makes righth argument. People slaughter them for food, force them to entertain us, eradicate them as pests, wear their skins, test products on them, vivisect them, experiment on them, and hunt them.

Some may even feel insulted if the animal opposes too much about their lot in life, "How dare the lowly beast protest my planned use for it! Go quietly or yours will be a worse death for not doing so."

However, occassionally an animal will switch roles on a human and force the human to feel what it is to understand the flawed philosophy of gmight makes right.h Protesting death to the last, humans feel it is a primitive/barbaric circumstance that they should be at the mercy of animals and made food out of to later be turned into biomass waste for the Earth from a digestive tract. The irony of protest is loud -- only humorous in the sadness that many people are unable to empathise and jump out of their skin into another to experience that which could cause him or her to be moved to compassion and mercy.

It`s a shame that terror can only be understood when claws or fangs are tearing at the flesh. Likewise, when we have the ability to choose to raise above our passions and nature but do not, we are more guilty in beastliness than any animal.

This thread will put forth incidences in which animals have turned the tables, attacking and fighting back, and when man/woman/child has been at the receiving end of no mercy. If you have interesting stories in which the human did not walk away or was severely injured after a chance or a planned meeting with an animal, then please share it.

So, if animal attack human stories attract your attention, get ready for: WHEN ANIMALS ATTACK!