What epiphanies have you had that have altered your world view or daily life? Where were you and what were you doing at the time? Did you alter your life right then when you came to realize this personal gtruth,h or did you take steps gradually to bring you into allignment with it? Or, perhaps it was just an incite into something that did not require any change of life?


I`ll go first.

My biggest one, which many of you may guess, was that gbeings which we know to be able to suffer are also deserving of the right to integrity of bodyh (i.e. to not be violated/exploited for personal gain). That resulted in me becoming a vegetarian and caring deeply about animal rights and liberation. It has changed my life on a daily basis not only because of diet, but also in that I spend time daily networking with other activists and assisting in campaigns.

I had my personal epiphany when I was cutting and biting into a hamburger steak at a family restaurant here in Japan. It was a little too rare and the blood was easing out. Up until then, in the previous weeks, I had become interested in some sites I had come on by accident on the net, read their points and they seemed sound. Even though, I still continued to staunchly defend my diet of flesh. But, the logic and arguments of the non-flesh eaters stayed in my mind. I guess they came crashing through when I was about to eat that hamburger steak.

However, I didn`t quit eating meat all of a sudden. I was afraid that if I did it in a crash course, after a while I would revert back to eating flesh. So, I went vegetarian over the course of six weeks.

That`s my biggest personal epiphany. How about others? What are yours?